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Imagine if MLK Junior died by suicide. Imagine what this world would look like. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for those 10-35. People are dying before they even have a chance to live. We can not sit back while a silent epidemic takes place. We can not afford to keep losing future MLK juniors, future Nobel Peace Prize Winners, future Heroes, future Inventors. We can not afford to keep losing our Future. Donate to a nonprofit that is committed to ending suicides. 


Along with curating unique community events focused on protective factors. Elevation Society has set aside a Community Fund which will allow us to help those in need. This fund will be used for the following:

1. Provide financial coverage for 3-6 months worth of therapy sessions to those in marginalized communities.

2. Dedicate scholarships for those of the BIPOC community to further pursue their graduate education in the mental health field.

3. Set aside emergency funds to help people who are in financial debt (i.e. for the single mom who is barely holding on, our goal is to help cover financial coverage for daycare, etc.) 


Elevation Society became an official nonprofit in 2016. To date, Elevation Society has impacted over 13,000 lives. Beyond helping individuals see their life has value, Elevation Society has worked to help communities that are underserved. Previous events include helping girls who were saved from sex trafficking, the elderly, children in hospitals, domestic violence victims, orphans, children and adults with special needs, and so many more.

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