From its very founding, Elevation Society has always sought to combat suicide through leveraging the power of community.


Within a few years, Elevation Society has been fortunate enough to,
host 30+ community events in 5 different states. Through awareness campaigns, online content, and events Elevation has reached over 13,500+ lives


Beyond helping individuals see their life has a purpose, Elevation Society has worked to help communities and groups that are underserved. Previous events include helping girls who were saved from sex trafficking, the elderly, homeless, children in hospitals, domestic violence victims, orphans, children and adults with special needs, and so many more.


As Elevation Society has grown we quickly realized the many barriers preventing people from the help they deserve. So in addition to building a community Elevation is working to normalize the conversation, and increase our understanding through collecting data. As a nonprofit, we are currently focused on protective factors. Only around 54% of people who died by suicide were diagnosed with a mental illness. We can not afford to alienate a large portion of those who are suffering in silence, which is why we work to meet people where they are. This is why we create content that helps make mental health less intimidating.  As we continue to produce content weekly that is based on research findings, we also work to collect data through our surveys. We continue to bring people together through our online forum and once safe to do so we will resume our in-person events.

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Elevation Society's future goals will continue to build on the foundation of community yet also expand to advocate and fill in the gaps. Elevation Society firmly believes that all people of all different backgrounds and incomes deserve equal access to help. Mental health and suicidal thoughts are not problems reserved for those in the upper-income class, which is why we must make sure all those who need help are able to receive it. 

Our longterm goals include: 

1. Opening Mental Wellness Facilities in lower-income areas. 

2. Continue to raise funds for research 

3. Collaborate with businesses to build and implement standard mental health practices that benefit their employees.

4. Partner with other organizations and schools to create an effective curriculum to educate children on the basics of mental health.  

5. Fight for adequate mental health care for police officers, veterans, and the other professions who experience traumatic events regularly.


Elevation Society is composed of young people who got tired of losing their friends to preventable deaths, suicides. Each day in our nation, there is an average of over 3,069 attempts to suicide by young people grades 9-12. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people. Furthermore, around 10 million American adults have seriously considered suicide.


I truly believe if we are able to show others they are worth fighting for, we may provide hope.


Our mind is like a plant, if we feed it with love, care and positivity, we will witness the transformation to its true beauty.


I encourage you to never be ashamed of your story. Without the dark moments of life, we each have no story. And without our story, we can’t impact another life. Your story is a gift – just as you are.

Image by Zoe Holling


Elevation Society is not looking to put a band-aid over a broken bone but working endlessly to create culture and lifestyle changes that will sustain necessary foundations to prevent suicides. They are leveraging innovation and human connection to stop this epidemic.

There are amazing nonprofits that are working to end suicide in various ways. Today, we have suicide hotlines and other resources that provide help to those who are dealing with suicidal thoughts. However, the problem remains that people are not always aware of the resources available and what makes it worse is the negative stigma prevents people from seeking help or even talking to others. Elevation Society wants to advocate and educate, while also working to stop the issue at the root. 


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