We wanted to create a book that helps people see beyond their eyes. A piece of work that is simple to read but sparks immense insight and internal dialogue. 

Perspective does not need to be read in chronological order nor does it need to be indulged in one sitting. This book is designed to be picked up whenever you may need a little pick me up. Whenever you want to get to know yourself better simply flip to one of the many questions. 

This book is designed to serve as an antidote to negativity bias, society imposed limitations, and common dangerous mental health habits.


Check out some of our artistic choices below. 



We live in an age where everything is summarized into 140 characters. And, if we are completely honest, from the beginning of time we as humans have consistently looked for ways to simplify our lives. Therefore, when building Perspective, simplicity was pivotal. 

Difficult times are inevitable for all of us, and sometimes a simple quote, a simple saying, a brief read may provide us that little dose of hope we need. 


Sometimes you may read 100+ pages to learn one important lesson. However, in the middle of an obstacle or a rough day, we may not desire, nor have the energy to shovel through the beautiful imagery or great story for that little spark of inspiration. Perspective was curated to make that inspiration easily accessible.


We know that many people love a simple thought-provoking quote that is easy to remember yet carries immense power. If you don't believe us, check out Instagram. Therefore, instead of reinventing the wheel, we just shed light on some word treasures.


We wanted to build a piece that meets people where they are, a piece that appeals to the masses and takes them on a journey deeper than Society's surface. 


This world can tell you a million different things about how to improve your life, but the truth of the matter is, it is probably nothing you haven’t heard before. 


However, what Perspective focuses on is helping you learn more about yourself. Perspective asks the questions and proposes the prompts to help you understand your mind. 


It is really difficult to get anywhere in life if you are unaware of where you are going or where you currently are. Journaling is a practice that has been scientifically proven to improve our overall mental wellness. 


However, from an early age many people especially men were taught to suppress feelings, thoughts, or emotions. Perspective works to incorporate writing as a way to learn your thought process and observe your present.



We wanted to create an experience for the voyagers of Perspective. There are pages where you may have to change angles or look at words from a different point of view, this design serves as symbolism. In life often times we have to contradict the norm in order to view things from a different perspective. 


Figuratively speaking sometimes we may have to change our point of view to see the complete picture.


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