At the age of 15 I first became introduced to the word suicide. A word that unfortunately has become increasingly popular to our generation. Seven letters put together that happens to be the second leading cause of death among people ages 10–24, a word that I live to demolish, and a term that motivates me daily. I truly believe if we are able to show others they are worth fighting for, we may provide hope. If we could open everyone’s eyes to see the value in their life and help them feel the meaning beyond their flesh, we may be able to save lives. 


“You Matter.” Two simple words that may have been said to you most of your life just as I was told. But the adventures of growing up through my teens quickly opened my eyes to the vast number of young people around me who weren’t ever told the same of themselves. Many have heard those words consistently but the pressures of their peers drowned out the truth behind the words. With a young teenage heart to help people know their significance and find their purpose, I began to learn the power behind “listening”, “empathy”, and “conversation”. I saw that learning how to be a good listener and learning how to see through someone else’s eyes creates trust. When there is trust, there can be a conversation. I saw people of all ages and backgrounds (strangers, neighbors, and friends) numb their pains through various avenues that all led to the depth of a dark hole in need of an emergency rescue. But no one knew their loved one needed rescued. I wanted to help people learn how to become their own hero. I have seen that depression, anxiety, and suicide can affect anyone. Even me. I have seen that one’s wholeness comes from a healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit. I have also seen that depression and anxiety destroy all 3. I refuse to let people around me fight alone. I was awestruck by what Brittany Chung had created with Elevation Society and only want to bring more pieces to this vision to improve mental health during one of the most challenging times in history to maintain it.

I encourage you to never be ashamed of your story. Without the dark moments of life, we each have no story. And without our story, we can’t impact another life. Your story is a gift – just as you are. Love your story. Love yourself. Let’s turn the page together!



“Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions, Watch your actions, they become habit. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”  -Lao Tzu
“Why me?” Is what I used to ask myself when I would continuously find myself in this dark hole called hopelessness. Shame led me to deal with my emotional struggles alone. It changed who I was to where I could not recognize myself and each day felt like I was going through life on autopilot. My goal for this community is to get everyone to recognize that our mind is like a plant. If we feed it with love, care and positivity, we will witness the transformation to its true beauty. However, if we choose to deprive it from such, overtime it will become unrecognizable.