Perspective Book

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    How is your mind?

    Different areas of our life such as a sense of meaning, how we handle stress, and realizing our own capabilities have all been linked to influence our mental health. Those concepts in addition to many more are dissected throughout this inspirational book.

    Perspective covers topics such as:

    • Logotherapy

    • Neuroplasticity

    • Kintsugi

    • Learned Helplessness

    • Rational vs. Irrational Thoughts

    • Negativity Bias

    • and so much more


    The placement of each word is meticulously allocated, while handpicked quotes are deposited to introduce a wider range of perspectives. This motivational journal overflows with introspective questions to elicit insight into your own mind and birth a deeper understanding of who you are. This book serves as an antidote to negativity bias, society imposed limitations, and common dangerous mental health habits.

    So are you ready to get to know yourself better?