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We are so fortunate to have people like Devon Lewis-Buchanan on this earth. And even more fortunate to be able to have a quick chat with him. Devon currently works as a Las Vegas Raiders in-house Clinical Social Worker who is breaking stigmas, and creating solutions. His story is nothing short of extraordinary from playing football, to working with youth in foster care, to starting Inspire Youth (an amazing nonprofit), this interview will leave you elevated.

We dive into what mental health is, some practical mental wellness tools, the stigmas especially in the Black community and the many life lessons he has learned along the way. This interview is what you didn't even know you needed, check it out!

How would you define mental health?

(One of my favorite definitions!)

What are some good mental health habits?

His unconventional journey... this is everything!!

(We learn so much from the most unlikely situations, while we are in the middle of it we have no idea where it will lead... this will inspire everyone! How he stepped in when he saw a need.)

This is so important, Devon sheds some light on mental health in minority communities.

(Talk about finding purpose in pain, Devon talks about journey and how all his experiences came together)

The advice you didn't even know you needed.

(How to navigate through these difficult times)

Stigmas that have got to go.

Thank you Devon for being a part of the change this world needs.

Learn more about his work and how you can support him through the links below!

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