Seeing things from a different lens

Breanna Smith is a phenomenal human but also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is currently getting her Doctorates in Clinical Psychology.

Luckily for us she carved out some time to talk to us. Check out the insightful interview where we talked about breaking stigmas, what we can do as a society to help other people, and some important advice about therapy. These clips are the perfect cocktail of comfort, inspiration and education! But don't just take my word for it, See for yourself :)

What is mental Health?

(The most poetic version, " the part of you that takes care of you")

What we as a Society can do.

This part! The refreshing advice we normally don't hear but is so important.

Helpful ways people can upkeep their mental health

Questions to ask ourselves to check-in

Mental Health & Breaking stigmas in the black community

What we all need to hear!