Elevation Society is a nonprofit focused on increasing awareness towards mental health, through digestible educational content, unique events, and endless community building.


Elevation Society became an official nonprofit in 2016.

To date, Elevation Society has impacted over 13,000 lives. Beyond helping individuals see their life has a purpose, Elevation Society has worked to help communities and groups that are underserved. Previous events include helping girls who were saved from sex trafficking, the elderly, homeless, children in hospitals, domestic violence victims, orphans, children and adults with special needs, and so many more.



Our mission at Elevation Society is to ultimately live in a world where there are no more suicides. Our current goals include the following: 

1. Normalize the conversation, and make sure all people regardless of income and location have access to standard mental health resources. 

2. Increase understanding through collecting data.

3. Curate unique events focused on bringing people together and promoting healthy mindset practices.